Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yamamoto Dental Clinic (Tokyo)

If you happen to have a toothache problem during your travel or short stay in Tokyo, I would love to recommend you to Yamamoto Dental Clinic(山本歯科医院)located in front of Higashi-Nagasaki Station (東長崎駅)

During my 2 months stayed in Tokyo, I was living in Shiinamachi (椎名町)with my boyfriend. We often ride our bicycle around to explore, eat, exercise or buy staffs..... and that's how I found Yamamoto Dental Clinic nearby our place! I'm a typical gaijin (外人)who can't speak Japanese at all, an English speaking doctor will be necessary for me but the cost would be definitely extra more. The reason I would like to try and visit Yamamoto Dental Clinic was because their signboard is in English, surprisingly the dentist can actually speak a little bit of English which enough for us to understand each other with the assistance of slide show and dental guide book in few language in order to understand the problem facing by the patient.

The dentist and staffs were very friendly and polite (of course, they're Japanese!!!) espcially the male dentist. He pointing out the question of his concern in the guide book and I answered him back by pointing the option in A, B or C....... So cool !!! He suggested me to do a 360 Paranomic x-ray to identify my problem then give me consultation about the process of treatment by playing me a slideshow and explained in much patient. The treatment requires 2 appointment to be complete because I've two deep cavity which give me so much pain. I make an appointment with the receptionist and surprisingly the consultation (including x-ray) is all free! Comparing seeing dentist back in Malaysia, every single thing charge from consultation, full mouth check, x-ray and of course the treatment.....

The first treatment took me nearly 2 hours to remove the the tooth cavity and mould for the filling for 2nd treatment. My dental treatment cost for two deep cavity (filling) is total 10,000 yen (which is around RM300+) and I don't have to pay anything only when the treatment is completely done.

Unfortunately, I've to go back to Malaysia in last minute before my second appointment. So, I visited to the clinic to request any possibility for earlier treatment but the appointment is all full. My in-charge dentist thinks is okay for me to do the filling back in Malaysia and they refused to accept of my payment for the first half treatment because they think they haven't got their job done. OMG! I'm so so so so impressed by their professional and attitude.
The male dentist shaked my hand and two other staffs bow to me when I'm about to leave (though I'm not paying). The dentist let me to introduce friends or when I need any treatment if I happen to be back in Tokyo, please come and see him again. I've to write about this dental clinic on my blog because their services is Excellent, Professional, Reasonal Price and SOOOOOO Friendly, can't be better anymore.

Yamamoto Dental Clinic (next to a drug store)

How to get there
Take Seibu Ikebukuro Line (西武池袋線) and get off at Higashi-Nagasaki Station (東長崎駅)

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