Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Holding hand, We run on this Land

In fact, I was struggling whether to attend 09 July rally night before. The feeling was so strong that I wanted to go so badly, meanwhile, I'm worry about own safety if decided to go alone. Nearly in the midnight, I received the confirmation from Wei that he is coming together with me next day!

I saved the contact numbers of lawyer (Dewan Pemuda PAS) in case any thing happen. I also prepare......

1. Mask  
2. Toothpaste 
3. Orange T-shirt
4. Plastic bag
5. Jalur Gemilang
6. Camera
7. Bottle of Water

Luckily there were still public bus and LRT still operating in the morning, so that we manage to reach Masjid Jamek and join them. According to the news later, LRT no longer stop by any KL area station to avoid more protester coming in. The street was empty with polices and media standby there but we don't see any "thousand" protester as updated on Twitter. So, we decided to look for them after we had our Mc Chicken and GCB meal at McDonald. That time was around 12:10pm when we left McDonald.

We're not very sure where are we walking to, until we saw the polices were chasing away few people sitting at the bus stop and we heard people shouting really loud nearby. I think we found our group! We walking toward the direction of shouting (Bank Agro near Daya Bumi) and we saw the FRU were already standby not far away in front us blocking the way to Stadium Merdeka. Hundreds of protester slowly coming in and sitting on the street against the police. Me and Wei were so naive watching behind them and out of sudden, the FRU fired tear gas toward us! That was the first time I suffered from tear gas!

The discomfort cause by tear gas was really suffering as I start to cough so badly as if chocking and tearing with my eyes can't really open because of the spice. Thanks to the Abang gave us salt and that's really help to reduce the discomfort cause by tear gas. First time being a protester, I asked Abang is the salt should put on my face? I think his hand gesture means "eat"... ... 

After the police trying to dispersed us from Daya Bumi, we gather back again at Petaling Street and more protesters this time marching to the direction of Menara Maybank. We got fired by the police with water cannons and tear gas again. According to the Abang with us, the "blue water cannon" will make you feel itchy. I think that is worst than tear gas kan......

We ran and gather again in front of Hentian PuduRaya, we were quite tension during there when we actually sandwiched between the police on either side and had tear gas fired on us. Me and Wei were trapped at the staircase of an Inn, covering our face with wet tower and shirt to reduce the contact with tear gas. Though it was raining during that time, the rain wasn't heavy enough to clear the tear gas away. We ran under the rain after awhile. 

I can never forget the most severe and tension period happened along Jalan Pudu, in front of the Tung Shin Maternity Hospital. As previous few time before after the fired of tear gas, me and Wei ran into the car park of hospital. We thought that we were safe from the chase of polis since we're already in the hospital area. Guess what, they're chasing us into the hospital after awhile, so We Run lah! 

I really never expect the police is continuing unleashed the chemical water cannon unto the hospital, it was SO close that nearly wet me. And unfortunately, I saw a protester sitting on the wheelchair unable to keep away further from the water cannon and the other protesters trying to protect by surrounding her. Of course, they're wearing YELLOW rain coat by that time. Is that the only way we can see the unite among ourselves during chaos? Without wasting time, we should leave the hospital area as soon as possible before police coming to arrest anyone of us inside there. We found the back gate on the small hill behind the hospital then we queue in order to climb over the gate which is a Chinese primary school. 

Wei was quite worry about me when my turn to step on the blue water tong and climb over the gate, ESCAPE! I still remember she was a middle age Chinese aunty when I was on top of the gate and she is just next to me. Impressive!!! 

Finally we're safe now though we're not very sure where are we going to next.
Walking along the road trying to meet them again, we pass by a Shell Petrol Station sealed with caution tape. The Petrol Station is not providing petrol filling service but we can get something for refreshing from the store. In fact, everyone is quite tired after we had the running battle with police throughout the morning. After we check the update status of the rally, we shall continue our Cleaning works. Walking along the street, we asked few Abang-Abang resting beside the road the direction to meet the rest. Most of the Abang were uncle and I believe they must be very tired that time. In fact, me and Wei too.

Around 4pm, we saw thousand and thousand of protesters were marching to the direction of KLCC from far, we can't wait to join them back! Everyone were sitting on the street, addressed by PKR leader Chai Jui Ming, PAS's Hatta Ramli and former NUJ president, Hata Wahari. Well, actually we were a bit too far from them and can't really hear what're they trying to say to us. When the helicopter from the polis is watching us flying so low on top of us......
We knew that they're coming to us SOON!

We realize the crowd starting to move, and move quickly because the police were coming to us now. For the sake of safety, Wei was holding my hand then we walk faster....... and we start to Run! It was so "kan cheong" when we realized we were stuck in the car park behind of a building, immediately we've to climb over the gate and flee again!!! This time, the next door was a private housing. Hope he don't mind that we "tumpang jalan" through his house without any notice earlier, Opps! 
Sometime, most of the time, don't think, just run.

We coming out from a small path towards the main which we have no idea where were we during that time too. We've too little time to think Run to Where instead of Where to Run, gosh! But it was quite funny when we trying to ask Abang next to us, perhaps he might know where is our location now. And the best part was he has no idea where is he now too!!! I'm quite touched when i knew he is actually coming all the way from Perak to support the Cleaning~

From this experience of rally especially because of Bersih 2.0, I'm so glad that I were there with you all to contribute my little effort for this country because I really care. I'm happy to see there were quite number of cina young generation as my age but WE NEED MORE, WE NEED YOU! The country need YOU so badly because YOU'RE so important to this land, THE CLEAN LAND. I understand is not easy to persuade everyone to join the rally as the risk and danger is still there. But if you can, please help our country. I believe most of the people have heard about Aunty Anne involved in the rally, beside of her, I've also seen the parent holding their young kid between of them marching together with us, and many middle ages aunty also were there on 709. 

Whenever police attacked the protesters, we were helping each other and unite as one. So, the question is: Are we only unite as one without kira our skin colors and religion when chaos happened among us? 

I've to say, I'm really glad that I did joined the rally. I know I will be regret if I didn't do so when this country need me but I'm not there for her. There is no excuse for us to keep waiting anymore, that's what happened when most of the time we were quiet and we were quiet for too long enough. You clearly know that voting is important but bear in mind the election is not longer fair and transparent anymore, that's why we've 709, Bersih 2.0. However, please still vote, vote for your future and living the life you desire instead of condemn, critic and complain how terrible is the gov on your Facebook page, because change doesn't happen overnight, not even mention by clicking on your mouse only.

One day, maybe...... 
I hope you will understand why I shed tears for this land. 


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