Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mini but Mighty

The concept of this Public Service Announcement (PSA) is to create awareness of public that Malaysia is not only built up by 3 races and "categorized" other as Lain-Lain.

In the end of the commercial shown capital which refering to "Lain-Lain" is actually in the spelling of MALAYSIA as part of the nation.

Happy 53rd National Day, Malaysia  =)



lulu_ma said...

this is a good piece! just a little comment though, the subtitle in English seems to have some grammatical mistakes. if this is gonna go to the public, we have to make sure at least we use proper language. unless the language itself is the issue or message to be highlighted.

Catea said...

Do you mean all the "lah, liao, loh...."? We trying to portrait more "REAL" malaysia context through 'Manglish' that we speak everyday in life. Thanks for your comment, LuLU =)

cia said...

wah! this is good!
one of your assignment ka?

Catea said...

Cia, thats was one of our braodacasting assignment this semester. Thanks for your nice words =)

Never thought you're still keep track of me, Hahaha.

lulu_ma said...

nope. i mean have 'finished' instead of have 'finish'. the tenses. the liao lah lo are our style of speaking. to me, no problem. haha