Friday, September 10, 2010


I've to prepare something to cook this few days because is Hari Raya now, I know all the shop nearby ain't gonna open for business before I die at house. So, today's menu is Herbal Soup with Black Chicken! 

I thought it goin to be an easy dish, simply put the chicken + herbal + water in the rice cooker and cook....  Mana tahu..

It was a WHOLE CHICKEN without cut into pieces, OHH....

Then, I've to Call my mum for help!


           " hello, mummy arh.... the chicken hor..... " (Dun Laugh leh)

Love Shape....
Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop with all my strength, finally....
Hmmm, I'll be stronger and bigger after taking this soup!

*  I've great appetite as usual  =)

I love the smell of chinese herbal, can't wait to eat !!!

Put everything in the rice cooker and press [COOK]

*  *
*   *   *

-  after 1 hour -

 Dar.... Dar... ...  smell good, yummy yummy...

alright, I've to enjoy my NUTRIENT and HEALTHY meal now,


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