Saturday, August 21, 2010

what's your brand?

Have you watched Repo Men?
There is a scene, Beth told Remy (Repo man) that she owns 10 artificial organs bought on credit with different brand except her lip is all to herself ..... Inspire me to write about the BRANDS.

The idea of the story was quite interesting (though is not very new), in generally is fine.

Wanted to write about "Brands" long time before, not motivated till I watched Repo Men with WinGian tonite. Realise, we're dealing with so many DIFFERENT brand in our daily life but we simply did'nt aware as all the BRAND has becoming part of our life.

Well, you might feel like this content is kinda of Blog Advertisement, sadly to say....It wasnt as The Blogger didn't receive any US Dollars or Malaysia Ringgit from anyone, muahahahaha... Lets talk about personal care products, alrite?

Brand Switcher on Shower Gel.

Johnson & Johnson successfully repositioning their brand from babies's product to "everyone" now. They've make the right decision to change their market in order to compete with other brands, if not they might lossing market share in no longer time. This is my first try purchase on their shower gel as the price is Reasonable with "appropriate" volumes. Before all this while, was using Gurdian or Watson's home brand shower gel from Ocean, Lavender, Green Tea and etc. It's really AFFORDABLE! For shower gel, I'll avoid from all the "sweet" smells: coffee? strawberry? peach? yucksssss.......When I think of the ants will "party" on my body during my sleep at night, oh No! ( I know I think too much, wadever.... :p)

Do you think I've beautiful long hair?

For shampoo, I'm definitely in the category of Brand Loyalty- Pantene, Moisturing  =)
I'm Pantene's loyal customer since their launched the Pro-V series shampoo for many years till now. Probably all the positve feedback get from my friends which reinforce me continue to use and building up my confident on their shampoo espcially when there is promotion price at few pharmacy stores recently (The price of the shampoo was quite high.)

How she "Sway" her hair in the end of the story was quite funny a bit.

Gurdian's Body Scrub, Is Lavender!

I remember well about what my sis told me about Lavender, it was just smell like the washing poweder. Anyway, I'm not the Lavender person but I'm not anti-Lanveder as well.... as long as I LIKE!

Back to Clean & Clear, when I was secondary school.

No matter how many brand I changed for my foaming facial product, still back to Clean & Clear. There was quite a period I was using the set of this brand because it is Affordable, again. That time was still in secondary school, hav to be more budget. However, I'm still using this brand now (swtiched for few brand before) as I just feel comfortable and fine with it. Sometime, the simplest maybe be the best for you.

Essential for everyday!

I knew this product from the Tv shows, 女人我最大 which is strongly recommended. For me, it's quite good product as it manage to change people's perception that sunblock is no longer sticky and oily form. Biore's sunblock is in Milky form and your skin feel "Free" in nude. Previosly, I was using Loreal UV Perfect Sunblock which is quite good, simply feel like wanna try for sunblock in new form and it is pleasant.

Hada Labo 's Whitening Series

Yes, as we know this is a new brand in the market and according to the same programme I meantioned before, their Moisturing Series is selling out in every 4 sec in Japan (I've no idea how credible is the source, somehow it still has the influence there.) I bought the full series of this skin care product and it were quite expensive especially the "Little Bottle" of whitening essence about RM70+. The reason that I'm choosing Whitening is not because of the skin colour..... if it does help me to reduce my freckle that would be fantastic. Sadly, I'm such a lazy woman...  only apply when I "Remember" to apply, hahaha...

BB Cream from Etude House

Okay, for this BB Cream I've not much to comment as it doesnt really gives me the "Benefits" which as the product expected to perform and make me MORE pimples thats far I feel..... It was quite expensive too about RM60+

From ZA to Fasio...

Fasion's Seed Oil's remover is NOT OILY at all, surprisingly and I like it. I was using ZA's oil remover before and it was TOO oily for me; on the other hand, Loreal's milk remover was TOO mild which not really effective for water proof make up. Fasio is good and reasonable price, TRY it!

Last but not Least,
my handphone in first love: Lolipop!

There is nothing to do with the "Introduction" of my personal products, want to Show Off my pinky LG Lolipop Phone with the ring tone, Sherlock Holmes's Discombobulate  =)

So, What's you brand?


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