Monday, August 16, 2010

Love me or Hate me

I don't care whatever hell problem with you, I'm done with your "Princess" temper!
If I've the ability, do you think people want to endure with your bad temper, you're not goin to feel good when people doin the same thing to you, right?

I know,
I'm a stubborn person....
So, What?!

I would rather to get myself wet instead of get into your car;
I would rather to die instead of giving you smile...
.... Maybe you're just to simple minded, not even aware actually there were N times you making exactly the same "fun" on me.
and YES, I wanted to take it as a JOKE because i know it WAS.
... yup, it was definitely not in favour for sure...

Please, lovely lady....
Do thing you only you wish people do upon you.
If you never exposed your boundaries, how ever people DARE to challenge your Maximum?
Unless you think the donkey will goes and ask what Eistein's Relativity is all about,
Yes you, Moron!

Just couldnt deny, what I like about you is Also what I dislike about you,
... complicated? Yes, I know...  ( same goes to you!)
Because I also think that too, and sorry- No cure for that.
Let me tell you a story,
There is SOMEONE ever fervently LIKED me as a person,
sadly to say...
now she dislike me in person (I guess), and ludicrously I'm still as always who I'm WAD!
(okay, is fine if you wan to think I'm perasan but this was the HELL truth.)

people always telling WHO they like and WHAT they like about the people...... with "condition and requirement",
When people (yes, those human being who claimed they like you lah) , you shall never accuse on them with what they like about you...
Don't understand?
.... Then just drop the case, when you're smart enough to "digest" my context again...

Well, in another simple way is......
Love me or Hate me.


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