Friday, May 28, 2010

All the way North

Finally, the result was released today and thats mean is time BACK TO SCHOOL! I did bad in this exam as CGPA was obviously lower than before, thats really frustrated. Seem like the 1st class honour is getting further away from me, sigh.

my holidays of this semester wast really happening,
All the way North from:

KL | Kampar | Teluk Intan | Phuket | KL

Kampar & Teluk Intan Trip:

I heading to Kampar to meet Kenneth and depart to Teluk Intan together on the next day. To be frank, I dont think I will visit Teluk Intan again if not necessary, was DAMN HOT, HOT and freaking HOT!
The journey all the way to Teluk Intan was Far and Suffer:

To Kampar by Train, 2 and half hours- RM11.00
To Teluk Intan by Bus, 1 and 20 minutes- RM5.50
To Hutan Melintang (Uncle Siang's Place), about 25 minutes.

WASEH !!! Shiok Huh!

Thanks to my Uncle Siang played the host all this 3 days 2 nights there.We both felt like an apprentice, living and working as the life of their family. Learns about Clams ^ ^

We woke up in the 6am morning and followed Uncle Siang to sell Claim by wholesale. After that, we heading to another morning market to sells clams!

Do you like clams?
Uncle Siang and me  ^ ^
Kenneth and Uncle Siang ^ ^

I really appreciate Uncle Siang and family brought us for nice food and visited around the places in Teluk Intan .... It was an special experience and good expose for me in this trip.

.... and I miss his fried mushroom LOTS!  (*drooling)



Thailand, Phuket Trip:


It was a last minutes changes of decisions to Phuket, and I'm so glad I'm was with them ( Nelson,Emily, Fish, Cherrie, Windy and Yvonne) in this Island Vacation for 4 days 3 nights.
... and It was really DAMN BUDGET Trip.

I spent around RM350 in this trip for everything. YES! IS EVERYTHING include Accomodation, Transportation and Activities. ( Air ticket excluded: RM129.00)

Phueket is ABSOLUTELY commercial travel spot crowded with LOTS of ANG MO! ... and MORE ANG MO !!!

Basically, Phuket is depending on tourism to earn their living and their Thai Ladies alike ... offering " extra services" for men.

" Massage? Massage? ..... "

It was kinda of racist on the Island, between Asian and Westerner. In the big boat we heading to the island, westerner were welcomed to the open spaces ( Ang Mo likes Sun Baths) and Asian were instructed to the bottom of cabin. So, the privileges is definitely reserved for them.

Aiks.. ..

Ang Mo men will gaze at Asian Ladies espcially those who looks sexier or with shorter shirt (wad to do, you look no different with the Thai Girl on island) ... .. felt so OFFENDED & INSULTED!
Was thinking will encounter a romance relationship with sexy man in Island Vacation (*Blush*) and ... a FATTY ang mo asked me whether am I from China or not ....
What the "romance" ! 

Whatever it is, Ang Mo loves to Flirt around in Phuket as long as you look like a Woman!

 Is really great that, 7 of us knew how to speak bits of Thai (Learnt from Uni), just nice to communicate with the locals, especially benefit when bargain. Hehehe ...... 

Thai peoples were so impressed with us been able to speak Thai. We were kept repeating the same phrases whenever we meet another Thai:

" Rau Phut Phasa Thai Teh Mai Keng "
( we speak Thai but not really well. )

" Rau Pen Khon Malaysia Meung Kuala Lumpur "
( we're Malaysian from Kuala Lumpur.)

^ ^  yeah~

I would like to go Phuket again if have the chances again, I think we missed out the Splendid Thai Girls Shows, Exciting Extreme Sports and Thai's Lady Boys Shows.

I want to go Phuket again !!! 
I miss the Island, I miss the Beaches and the Smiley Thai !

Another week holiday left after came back from Phuket. I'm living everyday like Lazy Bone all this week ... .. ...

Sleep till noon
Eat ( Mostly Instant Noodles brought back from Phuket)  
Online ( Nevertheless Facebook and PPS, thank you I'm granted with the Honour of PPS Queen by frens now, HAHA)

.... and Sleep .. ..

Happy Holidays to you ~



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