Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remove Wisdom

Finally, I due the appointment for my wisdom tooth surgery yesterday.

It gonna be scary but i will still go for it, moves 2 at once. Hohoho~
Hope i still stay conscious after 5 steps from the surgery chair.
If you know my "Legend History"......

However, there is one more thing i stuck with it.
Trying to figure out an ideal plan, though i need more rest after surgery.
Erm.... Lets see how we gonna work it out, my lovely coursemates who is ready for the trip to my hometown.

I'm sure we will have a nice and happy holidays at Kuching.
Lets looking forward for it, yeah~


Ndy said...

YEA!!! Finally u made the appointment u've been wanting to make 1 month ago.... go for it honey...

lulu_ma said...

so how have it been after removing? not as scary rite?

Catea said...

I think my blog has lead misunderstanding to you guys. Actually i havnt do my surgery yet but soon in Oct during my sem break bac to hometown.Of course, will up-date on my blog soon i done my surgery. Thanks for asking, Lulu.