Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I like.

I like every Refreshing and Healthy Sunday because we Swim.
I like Swimming because there are Xiao Xiao, Fish & Justine in the pool.
I like the moment we had together, the lovely breakfast after all too.

I like the night we stayed awake together with "Uncle Handsome".
I like the Little Kancil who brought me to you guys in every dawn.
I like the Dim Sum because there are Fai, Cherrie, Sukie and of course, Siew Ting.
I like and enjoy the morning though we are in the days of tourture now.

I like my friends.
I like my Old good buddies and new 2.5 stars rating buddy.
I like the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner together.
I like the "Jiak Oren" movie we watched in the midnight with you.
I like you all because you guys are the one who made my day, Everyday.

You are the best laughter and The Stunning one in my every single page of life.
I Love you all, Friends!

Shall we make more incredible moment together?


淑儀 said...

haha..sure...must count me in ar..
i sure can make yourlife cheer and wonderful ..im watermelon face ar..u see my face already can make u laugh kuat kuat la..hehe...anyway..gambateh gambateh ...add banyak banyak oil..kami jumpa esok la..esok nak perang la..jangan lupa bawa 'parang' ar ..hehe...good luck and all the best...my lovely kathy

Catea said...

Interesting Watermelon Girl~ :)