Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cant get my eyes off you

6:04pm, I am standing at the 6th floor corridor, looking down the sky blue swimming pool.

 A foreign little boy with fair skin & big eyes from this condominium attracted my attention and locked my eyes on him for quite some while. He is so adorable 5-6 years old kid who wearing a black tiny swimming trunk, with a green goggles on his head and orange life rings on both of his arm.

This cutie looks so happy and a lots of smile on his face, he is walking around and around the “D” shape kid’s swimming pool, kicking at the water. By looking at him, I feel good and manage to forget temporary all those complicated stuff from school & suck social life in me.

I admired this little kid, I wish to be like him but I know I can’t. When I come over university life, I found many stress and more & more complicated relationship problem among my friends. I feel suck and so bad on this, I always have to be aware and alert whenever I stepped in this hell social circle. I felt so big contrast and silly of me, as this adorable kid is walking over and over again along the swimming pool without any purpose, without practice any trick thinking, but you know what, his smile and innocent touched deep inside my heart and bring happiness to all the rest at the swimming pool. Can you see how incredible this little buddy is? Oh my gosh~

He made me realized and understand, no matter how terrible, complicated and suck life we having now; maybe we are getting into a horrible and fuck relationship now, but why we always love to  let ourselves get into those meaningless & stupid matter?!

There is nothing can’t even better & wonderful to be SIMPLE. Give yourself a sec to breath and think nothing but starring, Please restart your mind and clarify all those” life excretion” unnecessary.




My dear friend who is reading this blog, please – Be Simple. Let this world fulfill with more happier and beautiful things~ Remember, SIMPLE!




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