Saturday, November 12, 2011

Passport? Here You Go

I've to spend extra money for taxi when I realized Immigration office at Kota Damansara branch has moved to Jalan Duta, Sri Hartamas at Home Ministry Complex about 3 weeks ago. I was so nervous because I've no idea where is the new office located and afraid that I couldn't renew my passport on time when my train to Hatyai was on that night. According to their statement, renew passport only take 1 hour after you make the payment, but with my bad experience to Immigration before it was a nightmare of long waiting....   


Draft Notification- Tutup (Closed)
Home Ministry Complex
Can't believe the map is so draft put up by Immigration Office
 Luckily Immigration put on the map because many people including taxi driver 
has no idea exactly where the place is.

When I'm on my way to the new immigration office, taxi driver told me that place is going to be another new develop area with NEW National Palace, NEW Syariah Court and of course NEW Home Ministry Complex already there! Do we really need those new buildings paid by people money? I wonder.

Main Entrance to Home Ministry Complex
Entrance to the Complex
  Fountain Front of the Entrance 
Mosque opposite the Entrance
 Big Mosque View
Right opposite of Solaris Mont Kiara

The new office is not convenient for the people who has no transportation as there is none any public transportation service available nearby except taxi. By the time I'm ready to go, I'm waiting for taxi at main entrance after dropping their customer. 

Immigration Department (1st Floor)

Out of my expectation, their service is really good and efficient that time. I finished all the process within 15 minutes from taking number, filling the form, registration and payment! Amazing!!! Probably that day has less people and the officers feel motivated working at the new environment perhaps? I know I might be too bias when saying this but really, I hardly believe them. While waiting for the collection of passport, I decided to make a tour of new Home Ministry Complex. 

Photo Taking Service at 1st Floor
Reception of Home Ministry not operating yet
 Another and another door
 Interior design with similar ambient like Sarawak State Library
 Waiting Lobby

Exactly after 1 hour, I got my renewed passport to Hatyai Holidays! The officer is friendly enough to compliment my smile is nice inside the passport. When I asked him why we can't use our passport 6 months before the expire date, he is trying to explain that we might fall sick or any emergency in other country for safety consideration. Plus, this is an international rules according to him. He refuse to gives further explanation because he thinks I will never understand.... 

Hopefully their efficiency wouldn't last over a night only.
And I'm still heart broken for spending nearly RM50 on taxi looking for this Home Ministry Office, OUCH!


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