Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prescription for Cough: Honey Lemon Tea

great. I'm sick now.

I never intend to see doctor until my lung is almost coming out when cough, cough, cough and cough... ..
Don't fall sick if you're not rich enough, the charges is quite high to see a doctor's face for once.
So, I decided to go government hospital and I know everything gonna be suck that day.

As we know, I believe everyone know about the bureaucracy system in every government organisation included hospital, of course. I've to say the system is really killing the suffering patients for "infinity" (long) waiting to your turn, it was such a torture.... ..

Oh why?

Let's Wait.

I'm so proud of myself because I manage to see the doctor at last after went through so many procedures with patience. In order to cure myself in lower price that I can get is Get Up Earlier and WAIT!

Let me tell you the procedures "How to See A Doctor in Government Hospital" :

1. Get your number and WAIT for Registration
2. Pay your Registration Fees (RM5 for Malaysian) and WAIT for the Brief Identification of your illness (Nurse)
3. WAIT for your turn to See the Doctor according to the number (for hours)
4. Get your prescription and queue (WAIT) to Identify the Type and Charges of Medicine
5. Queue (WAIT) again to Pay for your Medicine
6. WAIT for your call according to the number to Collect your Medicine

See, whats that?
In fact, there are few unnecessary procedures that should be abolish to make patient and family's life easier.The entire process to see a doctor took me about 4 hours+ to complete and in between I manage to finished translate a script and had my chicken rice for lunch....

Surprising the doctor is a gentle Chinese man. The funny thing was he made a prescription for me but advise me not to take unless my illness becoming even more serious. Then why do I've to come and see you after all?


with my little knowledge of science, I know that Paracetamol is also know as Panadol.
But I dun hav any fever leh... ..

He said drinking hot honey lemon tea will let me feel better as demonstrate below, you need to prepare... ..

Lemon cut into slices

Any flavor of tea that you like

Australia Honey (Local honey is cheaper)

Put everything together and add warm water

Here you go, the Hot Honey Lemon Tea to cure my cough!

Rm1.69 per Lemon | Rm 3.99 per box of Lipton Tea |
 Rm 9.90 per botol of 250g Capilano Honey

I'm not so sure whether this will work or not just by drinking Honey Lemon Tea but there is no harm to try. At least, is much more healthier than you take so much of chemical medicine... isnt?

Take care of your health and drink more water, Malaysia's weather is unpredictable in the month of April. Unless you want to challenge yourself to complete the "See Doctor" mission.....   *blek*



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