Friday, January 7, 2011


There is so much that I wish to share with you here, however, I'm really busy for works and exhausted every time I came home recently. Now only I've little time to blog about my new year eve before I get to work soon.

It was a lonely x'mas last year with my housemate in the empty house, everyone has a party except 2 of us. Sigh. So, I volunteer to work night shift on 31st of December because I don't want to spend the last day of 2010 alone anymore, at least I'm with a crowd of people out there saying "Happy New Year" to each other!

I love the Celebration, Cheers, Champagne and Huggies ~
(albeit I was totally exhausted after all in the 3 morning... ..)

Jane and Guinness!

Melissa and Guinness!

"Macho-es" from the Kitchen!

After all the laughter...  (Jaya One)

We worked for your happiness...

Clean and Go!!!

The night is back to silent again -

Happy New Year !!!


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