Thursday, July 1, 2010

Muzikal Kita

... was an age ago didnt update my blog because I'm very lazy busy with assignment and MORE very interesting assignment.

This is the first time I went for a musical (23.06.2010) and it was FREE! Thats very important for us, okay? Thanks to Utar, my choice! The musical especially request in dress code: formal, kemudian itu.... we were so lost and have no idea at how formal is formal for the event. Casual formal? Presentation formal? or Evening dress and Suits? Sound like the budak came from the kampung and so excited to see the escalator move up and down, WOW! Yeepie!

This is my honor introduce to you, the princess and the princes of the night... (clap hand, I mean YOU clap!)

ms Sukie in PureWhite
Prince Chicken Rice with cutie BowTie
ms Fong with Urban lady look
ms Fish, elegant is my word for her
(seldom see her in dress, very nice of you!)
ms Yvonne was out of my expectation, too casual...
ms Cherrie in black, simple and nice
mr Nelson, SMART
mr Ey looks like SuperStar with the Hat
ms Justine so CUTEEEEEE....

~ and
Last but not the Least....
Gorgeous is save for me.... LOL!

I've to said, we were so NOOB that day, ahyway is not our fault loh. The ticket was written 6:30pm for guest arrival and we've no idea why the musical has changes to 7:45pm only able to entrance without inform. Amoi cantik tunggu Ah Pek sana loh.... ... aiks!

The theather inside
(Taken from the Upper Circle, also can say is the furthest seat from the stage)

Atas sebab Kekurangan orang, We're shifting from the furthest seat to 2nd row near from the stage.
amazing leh~ I also felt like that when there were bunch of REAL people dancing and acting SOOOOOOO damn close to me. It was a very special experience for me.

Take pictures during the 1st half break of performance.

Snapshot of a scene (Photo is not allowed in the theater.. :p)
Thats why I've to curi-curi and everytime got caught by the security there, LOL!
Whenever I'm trying to take the photo, a red spot light (laser) will IMMEDIATELY running on my camera screen. I'm such a no ethic audience, Haha. 
The End of the performance
Of course is happy ending, is about 1malaysia story mah...
(as expected, not creative at all)

Basically, the musical is about the story between 3 races and you're right..... they are Chinese, Malay and Indian loh.... Cheong, Rahman and Ganesh. They are best frens since they were young, kemudian itu Ganesh has a crush on Cheong'sis then khawin loh... Selepas itu, everyone SURE end with successful Businessman, Principle and ....... i forgot.. 

They're giving the ending what MOST OF THE PEOPLE want, just like the Sleeping Beauty fairy tales: Happy Ever after...   I'm not sure whether was the musical is really bored or I'm not the musical person, it wasnt really impressive and so so for me..... ms Sukie even has a sweet and sound nap inside there, LOL! But I really have to praise on there props, it were fantastic and creative! creative! Especially the public bus to Teluk Intan in the scene, just look alike and the wheels were even "rotating" when bus got on the road, walao eh! Geng!  *thumb up for that!

Well, it was a god experience and thats all from me.
At least, I learn that what "Proper" to wear for next formal perfoamance, LOL.
.... probably we're over dressed when OTHERS were actually wearing kinda of casual, dunno? ...

musical. [K.I.T.A]

Rakyat Didahulu, Pencapaian Diutamakan.
..... .....

Here's the link if you wanna know more information about the musical, support Malaysia art performace :)

Sekian, Terima Kasih atas tonton anda.

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