Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Ugly Truth

It was about 1 year plus.
Time never lie especially when you get along together with someone as time goes longer and ... One day you saw her ugly facet. How sad it was and really disappointing, I thought you could be a good one and you will .....

Instead of speak very loud and act like you are wise, you never realised you look silly for me. Maybe is not the problem of how much I understand nor the fault of time, is the changes. Becoming irresponsible and not focus, that wasnt so happening on you until I realised it is really a matter when I saw something from you. Thats is definitely terrible and annoying.

That slice of cake wasnt looks that delicious as you see at the first sight when you start to eat and found out the taste is getting worst and sucks, only after the Baker realised .... and I dun think the baker did, yet.

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