Thursday, August 27, 2009

Terima Kasih Banyak Banyak



不可否认,这一个学期Assignements困难度指数提高了的同时;也增加了人与人之间的摩擦。负面的事情的确多不胜数,也是无可避免的现实。不开心的事情就不用多谈;最重要的是:我有学会了任何一样值得为自己觉得自信的事情吗? 我有,很多。


Thank you, Ms Penny : You are such a lovely lady who are so willing to help and motivate us a lots. Your positive reinforcement had granted me with wiser thought. You inspired me as a lecturer, and a nice friend.

Thank you, Mr Makenthira: Sir,you rock my World! You are very sexy and cute~ I am so glad able to be your Radio Broadcasting student. And... it might sound weird to say this, but you manage to change my perception on Indian from negative until i met you.

Thank you, Mr Kenneth : You are such my good neighbour, nice tutor of me as well. You are so friendly and warm guy who do not hesitate to lend me a hand when i was so Big Head with my advertising assignment. You are absolutely stunning! Thanks for being a good friend who willing to share and give me a lots of opinion in life. Appreciate it, Kenneth!

Thank you, Mr Luqman : Eventhough you are not my lecturer for this semester, but you are so "naughty" and easy goin friend who inspired me a lots, though in my study and "philosophy" of life which we have to bear in mind. You also change my perception on Muslim and of course,Status of Lecturer. (Dean of FCI, Carmen: Lecturers also need to eat.... *)
Thank you, My Beloved friends Broadcasting Y1S2 : I really appreciate and enjoy all the moment and times we spent together. You guys are so adorable and "hyperactive"~ I am so precious and be glad to be part among you all, You guys seriously ROCK like Makenthira! Though there were hardtime we had : conflict with the people and difficulty in study, However, Dude! We are at the end of this semester and YES, we all have come across all the obstacles and ready to move on to another stage of life. Cheers for yourself, we are Great, isnt?!

My very last line for all my dear friends Y1S2: Please don't cry, if you not manage to reach your expectation in the beginning. It is a hard time when the effort you made doesnt paid in adequate.However, please take the comments from people who truly wanted to help you and make you a better person. Learns from the mistake and take the experiences as a precious lessons. This all sound so kolot, but we can never denied this cant be true than this. You only really learnt when you really willing to pick up and put effort on it. It works, believe me!

All the best to Us in future undertaking, BC Y1S2 ROCK!


Anonymous said...

thanks you so much for ur oso proud to b one of d member in this happy n enjoy with u all each time..three of us just like the children to cry like to smile...all of u also take good care to us..feel touch n warm on it..when we facing problems, u all gsve fully support to us...thanks so much...hope all of us will frienship u all so much...from sukie

Catea said...

Actually the ppl who willing to comment and help all of us is our lecturers in my written blog. No need to thanks us,wrong ppl liao... Sukie. Hehe.

weizai said...

love u all too...from ah wai~