Saturday, March 13, 2010

농무 귀여워요 ~ very cute

Today, my korean lecture let me to translate this passage orally during the class. I feel funny and shy when I speak out loud the content of the passage. Learning, always has to start from the beginning just like you learn ABC before you able to write a proposal in English for your assignment. Learning is fun and today, I feel myself like a kid.... very cute.

one of the paragraph from the Korean passage (Letter):

보고  싶은  어머게 ( mother who I missed so much )

어머님 인녕하세요? (mother, how are you) 조는 서울에서 잘 지내요. (I spent my life well at Seoul)
서울 생화이 아주 재미있어요. (Seoul's life is very interesting) 학교 공부도 재미있어요. (my study at Seoul also interesting) 그리고 친구들도 믾아요. (So, I have many friends)그런데 집이 좀 불편해요. (however, my house cause me incovenience) 와냐하면 집에서 샤워힣 수 없어요. (thats because my shower couldnt be use) 그래서 다음 주에 이사할 거에요. (thats why, I am moving house next week) 친구 사라 집에서 살 거에요. ( I will stay at my friend, Sara's place)

..... .......... .. ..

힌국어은 재미있으니까?  :)

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